As an introduction to Emperor Mollusk, he tracks down and defeats his current challenger… his clone, which, he admits, was probably a mistake. Essentially a buddy story, the protagonist is an arrogant, bored, literally spineless genius who is assigned a bodyguard. She’s a tough belligerent warrior, lives by a code of ethics, but who is eventually charmed by the sensitive side of Mollusk. The sinister brain never felt like much of a nemesis, but the action and humor carry the story through till the end. Enjoyable and fun.

Recommended for anyone looking for a silly clever easy read with likable aliens.

“The voice on the other end said, “Lord Mollusk, we’ve lost China.” “Define lost.” “It’s not there anymore, sir.” “Well, that’s no good, is it?” I said. “No, sir. We thought you should know.” “Yes, I’ll look into it. Mollusk out.”