In the third grade, Suncerae Smith won first place in a short story contest by ripping off The Time Machine. Now a PhD chemist and science enthusiast, Suncerae believes in the power of science fiction and fantasy to inspire a love of learning through imagination and possibility. In addition to reviewing books, she is an editor at Rust+Moth, a poetry journal.

Enough of this third person perspective—let’s get personal. Hi! My name is Suncerae and I write honest and personal book reviews of scifi and fantasy, mystery, classics, and nonfiction genres. As a citizen of the Cherokee Nation I learned early on to listen to the lies of the storytellers. My first friends were books, and I’ve never given up on finding my own rabbit hole, or wardrobe, or receiving a Hogwarts letter. 

I love books, from second-hand treasures to ebook downloads to engaging audiobook productions, and I love writing reviews. (I’ve written hundreds since I started publishing online in 2013). I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the authors who’ve navigated the waters of writing, editing, publishing, and promoting a book. With that in mind, my reviews are meant to inspire and encourage reading, and limit spoilers.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you. Your time is precious, and you likely don’t have enough of it. Don’t waste your time on a book that’s not what you’re looking for right now. No judgement here. Whether you’re a sucker for lyrical prose, quippy protagonists, structured magical systems, or rambunctious space opera, I got you. I would be honored if you spent some time with me as I open pages into new worlds.


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Reviews written at Read Well are 1) meant to inspire and encourage reading, and 2) limit spoilers.


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