A garden variety urban fantasy paranormal romance with a few good scenes, but generally forgettable. Some of the characters are good (Mercy, the protagonist, a sensible strong female lead), some are better (a few men, werewolves and vampires, who are not love interests), but most are pretty bland. The suspense and action take an up-turn in the third act, which moves swiftly and satisfying to the end.

Mercy is a tattooed car mechanic who has grown up with werewolves, but has never quite fit into the pack because her power consists of shifting into a coyote. Her neighbor, the local Alpha pack leader, and his daughter are kidnapped, and Mercy can’t help but look into the mystery. The love interests are two-fold, an old flame and a new one, but after all the action, one kiss finishes off the novel.

Fun formulaic fluff that doesn’t elicit strong emotions either way for me. I’m in no hurry but will probably pick up another when I’m ready for a fun easy read. I’m actually more excited to read one of the sequels because each book in the series is an new story line in the life of Mercy, so they’re more episodic than serial in nature.

“Love thy enemies, it says in the scriptures. My foster mother always added, “At the very least, you will be polite to them.”