I had high hopes for the Book of Merlyn, as I thought it would provide more details or further insight into the character of Arthur’s wise old man mentor. On the last night of Arthur’s life, Merlyn and Arthur re-hash their time together in The Sword in the Stone, with less subtlety, probably due to the fact that this books was published posthumously (by none other than the HRC at my Alma Mater UT Austin).

In The Sword and the Stone, the political philosophy derived seems rather socratic, based on Arthur’s observations. In this final work, Merlyn as a teacher is lost, and instead, all I hear is Merlyn as the voice of T.H. White. It’s not that I don’t agree with many of T.H. White’s political opinions, but it just felt heavy-handed and I felt deprived of some quality Merlyn time.

Only recommended for those who need the full completion on the series, because the story actually ends in The Candle in the Wind.

“I am an anarchist, like any other sensible person.” — Merlyn