One magical night a group of costumed boys go on an adventure and learn the true meaning of Halloween. The Halloween Tree is such an example of Bradbury excellence – it’s concise, vivid, scary, and imaginative. The group of eight boys go out trick-or-treating, desperate for a night of extraordinary fun, and decide to visit the house at the end of the street. At the tall, dark, unkempt, and wonderfully creepy house the boys experience the Halloween tree and meet Mister Moundshroud, who serves as their guide through time and space, as a ninth of their member is taken by something dark and they must pursue.

Bradbury’s power is to teach the boys and the reader what made Halloween such a terrifying time to our predecessors. Death and the fear of it take us on a journey through ancient Egypt, the Dark Ages, and Mexico, among others. Fast-paced and very effective, and written with such a beautiful prose. This short novella is perfect for a dark and stormy night!