The sequel to the The Hedge Knight, which I haven’t reviewed here but I would give 5 stars! This adventure packed sequel is really good, but I absolutely loved the first one.

A well executed story that continues to live up to the world of Martin’s ASOIAF. Set two years after the events of Vol I, Ser Duncan the Tall and Egg join the service of Ser Eustace, an old man who lives in the past of his own glory days, only leaving his tower to visit the graves of his dead sons. Ser Brown, another knight in Ser Eustace’s service, is a less than desirable ally from the start, and proves himself much worse. As a summer drought threatens the land, Dunk and Egg find themselves caught in the middle of a battle between local nobility. Dunk is forced to decide on an honorable course of action, and Egg saves his life once again.