Alan Moore once characterized TLOEG as a Justice League of Victorian England, which it is, but with Moore’s characteristic ruthless, dirty, realism. Mina Murry (of Dracula) brings together a team of literary figures to fight threats to England.

The best part of TLOEG Vol I, were the characters themselves. Mina Murray is a lovely and cold leader, with a recent divorce mystery in her past. Allan Quatermain was once a great man, but has fallen on hard times, and is finding his way back up a difficult one. Dr. Jekyll is weak, Mr. Hyde is strong, but both actually listen to Mina. Hawley Griffin, the invisible man, is a selfish coward who thinks he’s funny and who rapes little girls. Captain Nemo is cunning and ruthless, the Indian on an all British team. He’s easily the most clever on the team. His cruelty stems from a some sort of deep-seated insanity, but he feels justified. The plot itself, being the introduction story, was good, but I am very much looking forward future adventures of this rag-tag gang of misfits.

Recommended for fans of alternate history, smart literary references, and dark noir characters and plots.