Wool is one of those lesser-known treasures, which has since exploded on Amazon based solely on the number of 5 star reviews from readers. It’s a story of survival following mankind’s fall from civilization, when the environment itself has become inhospitable. But there are people who doubt. Those who sow hope reap the punishment. They are let outside.

Another futuristic dystopian novel? Although it’s basic elements are taken from the best SF out there, Wool doesn’t feel derivative. I admit, I’m a converted skeptic. Wool is a well crafted journey into a very visual and intricate society. The plot pacing slowly reveals in a way that extends your understanding of the world, with an almost perceptible feeling of being able to zoom out with a camera lens. Although there are hints along the way, the story isn’t predictable, and once you find out what’s really going on, you’re not disappointed. The characters are full and passionate, so the shifting viewpoints actually move the story, picking up pace along the way. A tragic, stark, suspenseful, claustrophobic ride. And it proves that self-publishing your novel isn’t immediate grounds for dismissal by readers.

Recommended for all science fiction fans!

“The suit came up, and Holston thought that maybe people went along with it because they couldn’t believe it was happening. None of it was real enough to rebel against. The animal part of his mind wasn’t made for this, to be calmly ushered to a death it was perfectly aware of.”