Volume 2 of the Saga series is just as inventive and extraordinary as the first! After absconding from the planet Cleave in a giant tree spaceship, Alana and Marko continue to run from the governments who want them dead, with newborn baby Hazel, a dismembered ghost babysitter, and two new additions, Marko’s parents, in tow. With baby Hazel’s narration, a bigger-picture perspective tells the story from somewhere in Hazel’s distant future.

In tandem with the introduction of the in-laws, scenes from Marko’s childhood establish his parents as bad-ass soldiers in their own right, devastated by the war in their own generation. In my review of Volume 1, I thought the relationship between Alana and Marko was less defined than the supporting characters, but the flashbacks detailing the start of their affair in this volume do well to serve their story (especially Secret Book Club).

Although Volume 2 is heavier with backstory, there’s still plenty of action as The Will teams up with Gwendolyn (Marko’s ex). On their way to catch Alana and Marko, they stop by Sextillion and rescue a 6-year-old kid whose only name is Slave Girl. Lying Cat also gets to rip out a few throats.

Complete with a disgusting monster creature with incredible testicles and a cute seal who wears overalls, Saga Volume 2 is a great continuation of the over-the-top and completely relate-able world Vaughn has created. I can’t say enough good things about Staples’ art — It’s fantastic! Keep a look out for D. Oswald Heist’s story-within-a-story as the catalyst in Alana’s decision to desert. I love it!