Texas preacher Jesse Custer, his girlfriend Tulip, and their Irish vampire friend Cassidy head South in search of a voodoo doctor in the hopes of getting Jesse better acquainted with the supernatural entity known as Genesis living inside him. On the way, they encounter self-named Arseface (Book 1) on a rampage to avenge the death of his father. Although the primary story arc only slightly progresses towards the final confrontation with God, it’s the side adventures that really excel in this book.

My favorite story of the entire series thus far is the origin of the Saint of Killers, a true cowboy bounty hunter of the Old West in life whose only real talent is killing. In death, his cold heart is filled with so much hate, he freezes hell over and makes an agreement with Satan to leave hell as the new Saint of Killers. A man so bent on revenge and killing, a man so filled with hate that the devil can’t break him — it’s a tale after my own heart.

Another side story features Cassidy’s first encounter with his own kind when he sniffs out another vampire living in New Orleans. This one is particularly fun for fans of the traditional Anne Rice vampire, as Eccarius sleeps in a coffin, drinks blood from a goblet, and wears red contacts to impress his pasty vampire-wannabe devotees. Contrasted against Cassidy’s fondness for beer, dirty t-shirts, and busty ladies, they eventually come to odds with one another.

This very entertaining read is highly recommended for those who love a violent, blasphemous good time!

PreacherCassidy and vampire