Jesse, Tulip, and Cass are caught up in an ultimate battle between the Saint of Killers and Herr Starr of the Grail, and in the conflict and its aftermath, someone loses and eye and someone else loses a leg, not to mention our heroes are tragically separated. Unfortunately, four volumes into this series and I’ve lost hope that the conflict with God will come about anytime soon.

The primary protagonists are being tested, and allegiance lines drawn to such an extreme that I am not really sure how they will recover before the final battle with God. I still find the main storyline entertaining and will continue to read the series to see it play out. However, volume 4 feels mostly like a mismatch of different story lines, and I’m sad to say I don’t enjoy them as much.

The opening issue containing Herr Starr’s backstory is interesting, providing some good insight into his character, but I still don’t care for him and I hope he dies soon or is conveniently written out. Also included is the backstory of Arseface and a snippet in the life of Jody and T.C., Jesse’s childhood torturers. Neither of these add much to the primary narrative or the what couldn’t already be guessed about the characters in question.

Recommended as a necessary middle volume to the uber-violent comic sensation that is Preacher.