After making amends with girlfriend Tulip, they travel to the Alamo, and Jesse stands against former-friend Irish Vampire Cassidy, Herr Starr, All-Father of the secret organization known as the Grail that controls world governments and protects Jesus’ bloodline, and of course, God. Together with Jesse’s final secret rendezvous with the Saint of Killers and a good-natured fall from rock-stardom for the disfigured suicide attempt survivor Arseface, a fulfilling resolution to the “heartfelt, caustic, and unapologetically profane” Preacher is enjoyably reached.

You might expect an uber-violent comic book series about bringing vengeance to God to end in a lot of death and gory explosions (and it does), but the final issues are surprisingly optimistic and happy. The series is ultimately about its characters, and I am satisfied with their resolutions and a little sad to see them go. Preacher is over-the-top fun.


The amount of territory covered in the final book results in a ending that wraps up a little too smoothly, but those who deserve it get their just comeuppance. The much-anticipated confrontation with God is not what I expected, and I would recommend to other readers to appreciate the other plot-lines throughout the series, as this series is not meant to ponder nuanced questions about human existence and the nature of a supreme being, so much as it’s about judging, jurying, and executioning.

Recommended as a fun and exciting adventure with the backdrop of Americana lore and the Old West, and anyone in need of vicarious violence and sacrilege in the name of God.