As Jesse and Tulip hit the sheets in a hotel in San Francisco before meeting up with Irish vampire, Cass, after a short hiatus following Volume 1. When they begin to investigate the death of Cass’ old lady, the trio finds themselves at a party of pure debauchery, thrown by a pale billionaire by the name of Jesus de Sade. Meanwhile, a disfigured leader of an ancient religious organization (who is also conspiring within its ranks) is on Jesse’s trail. When all of the above collide, ultra-violent antics ensue!

Preacher is still one of the most ultra-violent, vulgar, and downright offensive comics I have ever read. But it’s also really fun and creative, with intriguing characters and decent storytelling. The plot of this volume feels like a veer away from the main plot in an effort to extend the comics in length, and while I enjoy the new villains, I really just want an extended quest for God so that Jesse can ultimately forgive him or kill him.

As the vulgarity and violence continues into this volume, I find myself settling into it’s over-the-top offensive nature. However, one scene in which Jesse and Cass find humor in forcing a cat to stay in a toilet with the lid down is particularly offensive, but I am able to move on when the cat is rescued ultimately unharmed. True to my desires, Ennis provides a richer story of the mythological birth of Genesis, Cassidy’s empathetic vampire origin story, as well as an unexpected bonus about Jesse’s dad in Vietnam.

This very entertaining read is highly recommended for those who love a violent, blasphemous good time!