The multi-planetary SAGA of a new family fighting to stay together and out of the hands of all their assailants continues in Volume 4 with a surprisingly domestic angle. Baby Hazel, now a toddler, narrates the story of her parents’ “split”.


Volume 4 combines the doldrums of day-to-day of marriage with a world of imaginative fantasy, and it’s this blending that makes the Saga series so engaging. Marko and Alana lay low after their time on the run, and the mundane existence of maintaining a marriage and family starts to wreak havoc on their lives. Alana supports the family as an actor by working long hours on a soap opera, while Marko stays home to raise Hazel. Alana is jealous of Marko’s time with Hazel, and to get through the soul-sucking on-the-job hours, she starts taking drugs.


Marko is stuck in no-adults land, made worse by the bandages he wears on his face to hid his identity, and he’s bringing in no income. His wife is never home, and he starts to get friendly with another mom who practically throws herself at him. Throw in a story line with Gwen and Sophie searching for a cure for The Will, a dragon’s nether regions, and a lot of inter-Robot drama including a kidnapping deranged grieving Robot father, and I’m still really enjoying this vividly animated series!


Recommended for adults leading domestic lives looking for a little bit of adventure!

And because I know you miss Lying Cat, you can now find a plush version for sale somewhere on the internet. YES!