With each family unit separated by circumstances, unlikely allies team up for the sake of their loved ones. Prince Robot IV, Marko, and that cute sea lion Ghus attempt to follow Alana, Hazel, and their robot kidnapper, who finds a disreputable cast of characters ready to begin the revolution at any cost. Gwendolyn, Sophie, Lying Cat, and The Will’s sister The Brand are on the right track for a cure for The Will’s sickness, but dragons are dangerous (and surprisingly disgusting) creatures.


This volume is the first to drop a star rating for me. The initial thrill of the epic adventure story tapers off in Volume 3, and with Alana and Marko separated, the heart of the personal story is also absent, leaving only the grand spectacle of world-building and eclectic mix of scifi and fantastical creatures. I still love the Robot race and their tv heads, the living tree that’s also a spaceship, and various insect people in capes and dresses and sweaters. But the mission to save The Will is a spectacularly ridiculous adventure, complete with dragon self-fellatio, which puts the entire over-the-top series, well, over-the-top for me.


Looking forward to new endeavors in subsequent issues! Recommended for adult fans of unique scifi and fantasy comics!