Beginning with the biggest time jump the Saga series has ever seen, Hazel (once toddler of fugitives Marko and Alana) begins kindergarten along with a group of other horned children in a detainee camp for enemy noncombatants. Besides the narration present since the first volume, Hazel finally gains her own voice and a lovable personality along with it.


Marko and Alana find their way to a world that keeps the books for the system’s prisons, and upon breaking and entering, find the location where Hazel and Marko’s mother are being held. They reconvene with de-titled Prince Robot, his son, and Ghus, and after some negotiation, set out to free Hazel.


Upsher and Doff, the journalist and photographer lovers, decide to take up the search of the old rumor of Marko and Alana’s existence after they discover a previously ingested poison is no longer working, but are almost immediately confronted by an overweight The Will.


Although the art is still as vivid and stunning as ever, the once larger space opera scope continues to maintain a focus on just getting the family back together. Marko and Alana and Hazel will finally be a unit again, the Robot formerly known as Prince has already settled with his son, and only reluctantly helps in this issue, so mostly everyone seems settled and the adventure is finished. The Will is in a sad state, obvious from his weight gain, so I’m hopefully Volume 7 will showcase a comeback for The Will now that he has some power again.

Still recommended as an adult scifi fantasy for new parents!