The wrong man rapes and murders a women who is more than she seems. After a recovery period, she returns from her realms with her sisters, and together they enact their vengeance.

As short stories go, this one is only three pages, so it is definitely worth your time. The bullet point structure is unique. The revenge plot is unapologetically satisfying in it’s brutality against the antagonist, but there’s no mention of revenge for other wronged ladies (only the supernatural ones). There’s no gray here – the man is a murderer and a rapist and nothing else, but reducing the man to a nameless fiend is an effective, if simplistic, emotional device.

Recommended for fans of feminist fantasy!

“This is not the story of how he killed me, thank fuck.

You want that kind of horseshit, you don’t have to look far; half of modern human media revolves around it, lovingly detailed descriptions of sobbing women violated, victimized, left for the loam to cradle. Rippers, rapists, stalkers, serial killers.”