Tabitha and Amira are both cursed. In order to free her husband from his bear skin, Tabitha must walk the distance necessary to wear out seven pairs of iron shoes. As her father always wanted her to stay a little girl and Amira did not want to marry, Amira lives perched on a glass mountain, eating apples as they magically appear out of thin air. She watches as barbaric suitors attempt to climb the mountain, because she must marry whoever succeeds.

Seasons of Glass and Iron is a lovely modern fairy tale about two women trapped in their lives, who are not able to see the injustices of their own circumstances, until revealed by the friendship of the other. The myth and the simple writing style evoke fantastic imagery, while openly commenting on female empowerment, rationalization of abuse, and the power of friendship. I would prefer more emphasis on the myth and the magic as the theme is quite clear.

Recommended for fans of fairy tales and friendship!

“So long as I sit here, and eat apples, and do not move, I have everything I want.”