A young forest troll goes on a journey to collect his first four stories — stories of stone, bone, earth, and wind, each “for the asking, the giving, and the keeping.” On the way, troll trinkets, customs, philosophies, and behaviors are beautifully illustrated and explained in the vein of an anthropologist uncovering a new civilization, similar to the related Faeries book, co-authored with Alan Lee. The sketches and paintings of trolls in their native habitats combined with the sculpted tools, artifacts, and puppets, bring the troll world to life.

Trolls is not only a lovely collection of fantasy art, but celebrates the power and magic of story-collecting and story-telling by way of the troll tales, “The Troll Bride”, “The Bad Troll”, and “The Pride of Anhold Honeybag”, and “The Red-Haired Boy”. Live through the troll tales, weave them together, tie them to your tail, then let them flow separately again, as rivers and tree roots. Embark on a delightful journey into the world of trolls with the Frouds as your guides.

Highly recommended for fans of The Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, or if you want to know where all your spoons have gone!