Living among the race of humans known as the Rhunes is the race of the Fhrey, warriors and magicians who never seem to die. Humans worship them as gods, but when one of them falls to a faithful young man’s blade, the seeds of doubt spread.

The main characters shine in the Age of Myth. After seeing a vision that an entire clan will die, the young wild seer girl named Suri travels with her white wolf Minna to the Rhune village, where her forest ways and tree conversations are considered barbaric. The chief’s widow Persephone wants the best for her people, but although she is the best lead, no woman has ever been in power. Raithe has simple dreams of an ordinary life, but when you accidentally kill a god, to be left alone is not an option.

The Age of Myth is the first book in a series spanning six volumes, and this first installment is all setup for the rebellion to come. So while I enjoy the characters, the plot never quite hooks me.

If you love long high fantasy and if you’re tired of waiting for the next installment in your favorite fantasy series, then this series is for you! The entire series is already written, scheduled for publication a book apart.

“I swear, the reason for full moons is so the gods can more clearly see the mischief they create.”