Claire Randall, an English combat nurse, is reunited with her husband following WWII. Because they were married right before the war, they barely know each other, and decide on a second honeymoon in Scotland. When she steps into a stone circle on their trip, she’s magically transported back in time, where war is about to erupt between kilt-wearing clans and the invading English. She is picked up by one terribly protective, gallant, muscled young Scot. Claire must decide between the man she was meant for, and the one she’s already married to.

A thoroughly enjoyable popcorn story. Claire and Jamie are well-developed lead characters that any reader will love, although many of the minor ones were predictable and uninteresting. Our villian, Black Jack Randall is overdone and too often encounters our heroes for believe-ability. The romance and action kept the pages turning, only occasionally pushing accepted boundaries meant to shock the reader, which was effectively executed. The broader historical backdrop only loosely affected our characters in this book, but I am hopeful and eager for a richer development of the story alongside the rise of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Recommended for those looking for a good romance with plenty of history and action.

“Ye werena the first lass I kissed,” he said softly. “But I swear you’ll be the last.”